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Unleash the Ultimate Rugby Experience with PlayRugbyAZ Memberships!


🏉 Touch Rugby Select Membership 🏉 - $9.99

Your Gateway to Exclusive Rugby Moments

  • 🎟️ Members-Only Touch Events: Unlock access to exclusive touch rugby events and connect with fellow enthusiasts.

  • 📺 Touch Rugby TV: Dive into handpicked touch rugby session videos designed to excite and educate.

  • 🛒 Kickstart Your Rugby Gear: Receive a $9.99 off coupon for our merch store upon signing up.

Secure Your Touch Rugby Select Membership!

  • All the Benefits of the Touch Plan: Enjoy everything from the $7.99 Touch Plan, including participation in touch rugby events, exclusive updates, and more.

  • Exclusive Access to PlayRugbyAZ TV: Watch live and recorded rugby games, coaching sessions, interviews, and exclusive content only on PlayRugbyAZ TV.

  • Contribute to Growth: Your subscription directly supports our touch rugby program and fuels our efforts to grow the sport across Arizona.

  • Stay Ahead with Insights: Get unique insights, analyses, and behind-the-scenes access to elevate your rugby experience.

  • Celebrate Rugby Culture: Be part of an exciting community of fans, players, and supporters committed to the game's expansion.

  • Unlimited Access to PlayRugbyAZ Media: Dive into a world of rugby with unrestricted access to all our media, including live games, coaching sessions, interviews, and unique content.

  • Priority Care and Support: Enjoy personalized care with faster response times and exclusive support channels dedicated just to our Rugby Lovers members.

  • Discounts on Upcoming Merchandise: Be the first to receive special discounts on our exclusive rugby merchandise, apparel, and memorabilia.

  • Special Offers Just for You: Receive exclusive offers, promotions, and opportunities tailored specifically to your interests and passions in rugby.

  • Exclusive Insights and Previews: Gain early access to news, game insights, player profiles, and more, curated specifically for our most devoted supporters.

  • Become a Champion for Rugby: Your membership goes beyond the perks. You're a crucial part of our mission to grow the sport, develop inclusive programs, and build a vibrant rugby community in Arizona.

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