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Touch rugby is the best way to be introduced to rugby.

it is the perfect time for people of all skill levels to get together and practice the beautiful sport of rugby .Since is a non contact variation of rugby , touch rugby welcomes all types of athletes regardless of their experience and skill level .

If you want to learn about rugby , get in contact with the rugby community or just looking for a new way to stay mentally and physically fit , touch rugby is the perfect activity for you



  • Two hand touch anywhere on the body counts as one phase.

  • Each offense will get 6 phases total before the ball turns over.

  • After each touch or phase, the defensive team must retreat 5 meters from the mark before advancing forward. Violation of not retreating 5 m will result in an award of 6 new phases to the offense.

  • Offensive players that are touched must retreat to the point of being touched (the mark), and step over the ball.

  • Players who do not retreat to the mark will be penalized and the ball will turn over to the defense. Any mishandled ball or kicking is a turnover.

  • All restarts (ball goes into touch, forward pass, etc.) will occur via one offensive person stepping over the ball and mark, and a second offensive person acting as scrum half.

*** Every site you go to will will have slight variation to the rules posted on our site . And we are thrilled about it . We encourage you to learn the different variation and learn to adapt in order to grow your skills and understand of the game .

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