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On fathers day we talk about "Old Men Touch"

TODAY IS FATHER'S DAY ! What better time to talk about OLD MEN TOUCH than today.

The longest running rugby event in Arizona, the Sunday morning touch Rugby event is one of the most famous happenings around.

When it exactly originated, nobody knows. According to some it started in the 80s according to some it started in the 70s and according to some it started wayyy before 1823. But who is keeping track anyways.

So why is this so special to us that we had to mention it on Fathers Day?

It is a happening where you can go every Sunday, play good touch Rugby and rub elbows with the Rugby communities old boys and local rugby legends. It's a friendly environment where it doesn't matter what club you play for or how good you are. Everybody is welcome and everybody has a good time .

After a long run there is alway a bucket and a cooler full of beer. The Rugby stories are endless and the laughter plenty. It is the best example of what our community is all about and is the Arizona Rugby tradition that inspired our Monday and Wednesday Touch Rugby program .

Some call it Sunday touch, some call it Scottsdale touch and most call it Old men touch . So on this Father's day we raise our beer to you. To thank you for such a great tradition