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Santa Monica youth rugby visits Arizona

At the end of the spring break the Santa Monica dolphins U16 and U19 Visited Arizona. The Dolphins from Santa Monica played some good rugby against Arizona's top youth programs . On Friday, they played against Tempe Rugby Club and on Saturday, they squared up against Red Mountain.We were able to attend the Saturday showdown to bring you some coverage

U 16 game

Santa Monica came out strong and maintained possession for most of the game. They took advantage of the less then aggressive Red Mountain defense and were able to make easy yards on most attacks . The crafty Dolphins were able to pass the ball well and exposed the Arizona team on several occasions. Red Mountain had an uphill battle from the beginning of the game .Despite being put under pressure most of the game the young athletes war able to stay focused all game long and put up a battle for the full 80 minutes. They had a few good runs in the forwards and were dominant in the set pieces.


In the U 18 game the roles were reversed. Red Mountain came out strong and dominant, and was able to control the game from the 1st whistle. The Dolphins seemed to have difficultly connecting with one another and the experienced Red Mountain side took full advantage of the situations. Red Mountains offense was directed by a very smart scrum half that seemed to always find the overlaps and mismatches on the field. He managed the game very well and was able to keep his team attacking and scoring by being able to utilize all his key players on the field at the right times . His action on the field was impressive so we had to award him man of the match .

As always, after the games the Rugby Moms did what they do best and took good care of the hard working athletes by feeding them and having an on field social where the two competing clubs got to hang out , have a good time and eat good food .

Rugby : The best time you will have with your new best friends