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Our Mission

To promote and teach the sport of rugby in a positive environment, while encouraging discipline, integrity, mutual respect and fair play; both on and off the pitch.

Our Vision

To provide the best possible rugby platform in Arizona. Giving everyone from youth to adult, or rookie to veteran, the opportunity to play rugby. We strive to ensure that each player will be able to have fun, make new friends, experience the unique culture of Arizona rugby, and learn about participating positively in this great sport. We embrace the Arizona rugby tradition.

Goal One

To build from the ground up an inclusive rugby culture that provide individuals with a platform to join local clubs and rugby development programs. We desire to maximize every club’s potential of playing rugby at a local and national level.

Goal Two

To dedicate ourselves to expanding the rugby community while engaging its current members. To have the highest quality, passionate, and engaged members, that will support the growth of the game of rugby in Arizona.

Goal Three

To highly value volunteerism, fostering positive growth of the game.

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