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Arizona Youth Rugby : The warriors come out to battle

This past weekend, rugby clubs from across the state brought their A-game, donned their war paint and game faces, and clashed in an epic showdown at Red Mountain Soccer Complex in Mesa Arizona. The athletes, in peak physical condition, arrived ready to compete. The games were intense and fiercely competitive. You could see the determination in the players' eyes, while the sidelines buzzed with eager fans and spectators, cameras and phones in hand, ready to capture the next big highlight and to cheer on the warriors on the field.

"The competition is fierce, and we have a lot on the line today," said one of the parents from the sidelines. "We have been training hard all week, and today is the day we show up to play," added another parent. "My dog's name is Bella," interjected one of the players.

The laser-sharp focus on the field was only occasionally interrupted by the sighting of a fluffy cloud resembling a puppy or brief discussions about Fortnite. But that was it. Aside from these brief diversions, the focus remained mostly undisturbed. Rugby in Mesa this weekend did not disappoint. We witnessed top-notch rugby played by kids who loved every second of it. The event was also a chance to take a few cool photos, see some old friends, and make new ones. Here are a few pics we snapped from the tournament . The photos are free for athletes, their friends and their families.