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ASU earns GCU's respect after a hard fought game.

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

On October 15th ASU rugby traveled to GCU for their stiffest test of the preseason.

ASU took the field with one goal: to prove to the rugby world and themselves that they are capable of competing at a high level and are ready to do so.

The showdown was a battle of two worlds. ASU came out with a big, hard-hitting pack with bulldozers like Isaiah Fatigoni, Sean Martin, Nicolas Davies and Austin Krause. They played aggressively and they played emotionally. Hard runs and big hits were on the menu for the Sun Devils.

GCU, who are ranked 18th nationally, continued to polish their craft while getting the team ready for the hard season ahead.

They relied on the finesse and experience of their backs JJ Sipola, Dylan Mercer, Jackson Gray, Royce Fisher and Luke Neely to move the ball into space and create the fluid rugby we learned to expect from the Lopes.

The action was intense and it was a great show to watch. Hands down the best rugby game we have covered this year so far.

Going forward it is safe to say ASU will entertain their fans all season with good rugby. This team shows tremendous potential and the will to get back to the top.

GCU keeps getting better and more fluid every time we watch them and they will be a hard team to beat when the season starts.

Below are some pictures showing some of the action.

all pictures are free to download for all players' friends and family.