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BYU visits GCU for a Thursday night game

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

On Thursday, Oct 9, @byurugbyofficial visited @gcurugby . It gave the locals a chance to enjoy some good rugby and watch the Lopes go against one of the best teams in the country . BYU has a long rugby tradition and produces some of the best rugby teams and some of the best rugby players . They are a well established top-tier program, and watching them play here in Phoenix was a treat for everybody present . GCU proved once again that they are on their way up to the top, and they are willing to take on the toughest competition to get there . Coming off of only 5 days of rest, the GCU Boys were ready and eager to test themselves against the much more experienced and more physical side . For Thursdays match, out of the 23 players that took the field for GCU, 15 of them were freshmen and sophomores . The game was fun to watch, and GCU showed Sparks of greatness. Despite being outperformed, they kept their cool and were able to piece together a few team runs and showed team unity . GCU is on its way to becoming a powerhouse in college Rugby. They are very well coached and they are very well structured.The team is very young and focused, and they get better and better every time we watch them play Here are a few pictures and action shots from Thursdays game. If you haven't made it out to a game yet, you're missing out . Rugby : The best time you will have with your new best friends