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Hanging out with the Bobcats U18 Rugby Club

Summer is here and most youth rugby clubs in Arizona are on summer break. Most of them that is . This week we visited with the Bobcats Rugby Club , a local rugby club that operates in the summer time and gives young athletes a chance to keep working on their skills and participate in various tournaments around the country . We got to see many familiar faces from local clubs and it made for a great experience. Now there is more opportunity for he young ones to play the sport they love than ever before . We got to meet a few coaches , shook hands with a few players , jumped into a drill or two, and had a great time .

Youth rugby in Arizona is growing beautifully and more and more opportunities are becoming available for young rugby players to succeed . If you or somebody you know wants to get their rugby career started and do not know where to start, just simply send us a message and we will direct you to the closest club to you .

Below we documented our visit with a few ( or a lot ) pictures for you to enjoy

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