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Preseason Magic: ASU and NAU Kick Off with a Rugby Showdown to Remember

Updated: Nov 14

Forget about easing into the season. When ASU and NAU collide on the rugby field, it's an instant classic—even if it's "just" a preseason game. Held at ASU's buzzing home turf, this annual event offers more than just a sneak peek at what's to come; it's a full-on rugby extravaganza.

The Crowd: A Preseason Bonus

For a preseason game, the stands were exceptionally crowded, teeming with enthusiasm that defied the notion that this game was merely a "warm-up." Whether you were a die-hard fan or a curious newcomer, the energy was contagious.

Team Dynamics

NAU: The Underdogs Rise

NAU may be in a rebuilding phase, but underestimate them at your peril. They brought an impressive squad, blending new talent with experienced players, resulting in a performance that left fans optimistic about the season ahead.

ASU: The Powerhouse Continues

Coming off a strong couple of years, ASU picked up right where they left off. New season, same story: bigger, faster, stronger. It's evident that ASU is not just preparing for another season; they're eyeing rugby domination.

Breaking Down the Game

Divided into three periods, the unique structure provided a live-action laboratory for both coaches. The real beneficiaries? The players, especially those rookies making their first appearance and veterans craving live competition.

No Score, No Problem

Although the scoreboard wasn't in use, make no mistake: every player was keeping their own tally. Each tackle had meaning, every sprint had purpose, and the crowd? They were the undeniable winners, soaking up every high-impact minute.

Wrapping Up

A preseason game? Perhaps in name, but in spirit, this was a full-throttle rugby experience. It's evident that both ASU and NAU are gearing up for an unforgettable season. If this game serves as any indicator, the state of rugby in Arizona is not just robust—it's booming.

So, as the teams retreat to analyze, strategize, and optimize, fans can do just one thing: eagerly await the next installment. Because, preseason or not, this is rugby at its finest, and it's only going to get better.

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