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Pressure makes diamonds. Phoenix Firebirds challenge themselves vs Red Mountain Knights

On Saturday Phoenix Fire birds @phxfirebirdsrugby traveled to Mesa for a friendly match against Red Mountain Knights.  @redmountainknights .The two teams came together in a great display of hard hitting rugby as they ware getting ready for their next challenges. 

The Red Mountain Knights, took this game as an opportunity to polish their attacks and strategies. They have a  busy schedule coming up as they get ready to face  Santa Monica Rugby Club from California, and ultimately to prepare for their New Zealand tour that is scheduled for April.  ( You red that right . They are going to New Zealand on tour )

On Saturday all eyes were on the Fire birds . This game for them was a way to put their team under extreme pressure from an older and more experienced red Mountain side as they get ready to face rival Brophy Rugby Club in the Division two state championship on Friday March 10. "We have a much younger squad  and the potential is definitely there . I told the boys: we know what we are doing, we know how to play our game we just have to go out execute and have fun with it " Rob Speer head coach of Phoenix Fire-birds. 

Both teams exhibited well organized and well structured rugby. Red Mountain was a very tough opponent . They kept the pressure on the Phoenix side for the whole 80 minutes.How ever, the younger Phoenix team kept up and was able to break away a few time in Long runs and a few eye catching line breaks that came from planned attacks and moving the ball into space well .

The Knights who had the luxury of size and strength on their side  was able to control the breakdown and maintain possession for long periods if time which ultimately proved exhausting for the Fire-birds .

The game was a great test for the Phoenix side  who despite going into a great challenge against a well seasoned team was able to keep it together and fight hard for 80 minutes .

Both clubs  had another good day at the office . Their families and the fans got to watch a great rugby show put together by the young athletes .

U19 rugby is fast, hard, well coached and great to watch . If you haven't made it out to a game yet  you are missing out .

The crowd was one of the friendliest I have seen and they were actually cheering for players on both sides and celebrating rugby .And to top it all off, the day ended with the rugby moms getting to flex their mom muscles and feed EVERYBODY that was present.  Nobody got away without getting a sandwich a beverage or at least a cookie . And that is what our rugby community is all about .

Rugby : the best time you will have with your new bast friends

Enjoy a few pictures from the game below ,

all pictures are free to download and use by all players their families and friends they are not to be used by clubs or other businesses .

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