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Red Mountain Warthogs fall short in the final four weekend to Palm Beach Panthers (FL)

The warthogs traveled to Atlanta this past weekend to face Palm Beach Panthers as part of the Final 4 weekend .Great match to watch that ended in the Florida teams favor . The Panthers brought out a well coached team with a good playing system , Their players stepped on the field ready to fight hard and take home the victory . The Warthogs had a less than desired game with lots of handling errors and and frantic play at times. They played very well on defense but unfortunately, a red card in 35th minute proved costly for the Arizona team as they had to play one man down for most of the game . It was a hard fought battle but Palm Beach ended taking home the victory and eventually the National championship.

2022 was a great year for the Red Mountain Warthogs as they are on their quest to rebuild the club from the ground up .

The team is young and eager to develop and win . The players are disappointed in the result and are ready to come back harder next year .

" As much as it stings to lose , this season gave this young team a taste of the national level rugby . The loved every minute of it and I think this experience will make them even hungrier for future success " - Warthogs head Coach Masi (The Great)Paleuta

This weekend marked the end of USARUGBY 15s rugby season . After a short summer break the Red Mountain Warthogs will go back to the drawing board and build the plan for their 2023 Campaign.

Below are a few pictures we were able to snap to try to bring you close to the action

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