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Red Mountain wins regional playoffs advances to national championship weekend

Red Mountain advances to the national championship after a successful weekend in the regional national playoffs held in Morgan Hill California. The young team played great rugby and will look to capitalize next weekend in Atlanta

The Warthogs will travel to Atlanta to fight for the @usarugby National Championship. They will travel with a very young and very talented team that has been showing massive potential. Coach Masi and his assistants Nite and @awelrey3 have been building this team from the ground up putting a great deal of emphasis on team work and team culture. The players are very disciplined and determined. The Arizona club is looking forward to a very successful weekend.

Red Mountain was formed in 1993 to be a high performance competitive club. Despite being the youngest mens club in the state of Arizona, the Warthogs have plenty of national notoriety and the national championship stage is not a new experience for this talented club. Red Mountain competed in the final 4 weekend in 2006, 2007 and 2008, which was the year they brought the first National championship to Arizona.

Coach Masi shared that selecting a roster from the abundance of dedicated ans skilled players was one of the toughest decision he has had to make in his coaching career. He added “ we have at least 6-7 more players that will not make the trip who could be on the roster and that is a great problem to have “.

The team invited us to follow and cover the weekend, so below we bring you a little inside of what its like to be part of the successful Arizona club .

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