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The rugby warriors come out to play.U12 state championship tournament

The spring break around here is coming to an end and we are back bringing you all the news and action from around our awesome Arizona rugby community.

Another big rugby event took place in Mesa this past week. Clubs from around the valley came together to compete in the state championship tournament for ages 12 and under. The event took place at Fiesta sports complex in Mesa. It was amazing. The organizers went the extra mile to make sure the athletes were well accommodated, the referees were top notch and they even had big trophies and medals to celebrate the winners. The tensions ran high all night long and the coaches dressed in their best track suits. Directed their troops and gave their last minute speeches to motivate the warriors taking the field.

The games were everything we could hope for. The young rugby players left it all on the field in front of a packed stadium full of parents, friends and local rugby lovers who came to the popular rugby grounds to cheer on the future of our sport.

The athletes performed, the coaches directed their troops, the parent and fans cheered their hearts out and in the end it was all smiles, hugs and the good time we are seeing more and more in our community.

Rugby, the best time you will have with your new best friends.

are you or somebody you know interested in starting their rugby journey and do not know where to start ? send us a message and we will get you started .

All pictures are free to download and use for all participating athletes , their friends and their families only ,