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The Warthogs and The Lopes go at it for the first time. History is made

On Saturday 03/11 GCU had their last home game of the season. The program also celebrated their seniors on this great day of rugby .As their opponent for the big game, the Lopes chose local senior men rugby club Red Mountain Warthogs. This marked the 1st time the 2 clubs played each other. The Warthogs ware able to provide the lopes with 2 competitive games and fielded young and mobile players that matched closely the GCU style of rugby. The event was one of the most memorable days of rugby in Arizona. Players from both teams were there to put on a show. The hits were hard the plays were aggressive and everybody gave it their all. But this game was different. Everybody on the field was all similes , the players were enjoying themselves and joking around with their opponents. The fast paced high scoring games ware a delight for the cheering crowd and the positive energy of the day turned the whole place into a party. Considering the quality of the games and the amount of fun the two sides and their fans had at this event , it is safe to say that this was not be the last time these two clubs will play each other .

At the end of the day both clubs and fans came together to share handshakes, hugs, to celebrate the senors and to wish them luck in the future .

WHAT A DAY... WHAT A DAY... Rugby : the best time you will have with your new best friends

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