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Tucson Magpies: Soaring High in the Fiesta 7s Series

The Fiesta 7s Series witnessed an extraordinary performance by the Tucson Magpies rugby club, as they took on and conquered formidable challenges, further cementing their reputation as a force to be reckoned with.

Coming into the tournament as underdogs, the Magpies were pitted against The Chupacabras, a U-23 team brimming with new and promising talent. But the Magpies were undeterred. Their display of good rugby was more than a match for their young opponents. They looked fit, fought hard, and emerged victorious against the Chupacabras, showing that experience and determination can triumph over youthful exuberance.

Despite not being able to clinch the championship trophy, the Tucson club's performance in the series was nothing short of spectacular. By securing their spot in the state championship final tournament, they've proven that they are on a roll and ready to take on the best.

Set to take place on September 16, the state championship will host the four best 7s rugby teams in Arizona, and the Magpies are eager to show that they belong at the top. Their journey through the Fiesta 7s Series was a statement of intent, and they'll be looking to build on that momentum.

The Tucson Magpies' resilience and skill have not only won them games but also hearts. They've shown that with the right combination of determination, teamwork, and talent, even the underdog can rise to the top.

As the state championship approaches, the Tucson Magpies will continue to train, strategize, and prepare to face their next challenge. The rugby community in Arizona eagerly awaits what promises to be a thrilling showdown.

Fans, fellow players, and newcomers to the sport of rugby are all invited to witness the Tucson Magpies' pursuit of glory as they continue to grow the sport in the region and build a community around it. Join them on September 16, and be a part of Arizona's thriving rugby culture.

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