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U16 rugby Eclipse vs Red Mountain. A perfect rugby day

This past weekend was all about youth rugby .

@eclipse rugby club made the trip from North Phoenix to Mesa to take on the @redMountainknights in a U16 game at Lehi Sports Park .

U-16 stands for under the age of 16 .

The youth rugby world in the state Is categorized in different age groups : U19 , U16, U14, U12, and U10.The U10 and some U12 youngsters play touch ( non contact rugby )

In Arizona, youth programs are growing in numbers and popularity every year and Saturday was a great example of it. The game of rugby requires a lot of physicality and skill and these young athletes displayed both for a very pleased and encouraging crowd .

Parents and coaches on both sides mingled together and cheered on the players who left it all on the field .

The game itself was very entertaining to watch. Those youngsters sure love contact.

Based on what went on Saturday is safe to say the new generation is in good hands.

Hats off to all coaches, parents and everybody at that field who created an amazing rugby community atmosphere, was welcoming, friendly and made sure that everybody, especially the players had a great time.

Rugby : the best time you will have with your new best friends .

Are you or somebody you know interested in joining rugby and do not know where to start send us a message and let us help you get your journey started.

All photos are free to download for all players, families and friends only. Not to be used by clubs businesses or commercial use.

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