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Vegas Sets the Standard for Camelback Rugby

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

It was hard fought Saturday as the Camelback A and B sides took on the always competitive Las Vegas teams. Vegas took to the field quickly and scored the first try of the game on the outside corner. A second try came later as the Camelback A team held their ground but were rushed on the outside. A technical error soon gave the Camelback side two yellow cards leaving the squad down to thirteen men on the field. But they refused to give ground and played the best defense of the game leading to a quick turnover near the end of the first half. Applying pressure and using their training from the preseason Camelback’s first try of the game was given by Daniel Williams to put the team on the scoreboard.

The second half was a bitter testament to both teams' determination as they battled over the field. Vegas soon found their footing on the tough Arizona fields as they managed to score more in the second half. Camelback kept fighting, managing to add 6 points on the board with penalty conversions by Richie Sefo.

After handshakes and congratulations for the Las Vegas A side, the B side took to the field for a friendly game. Camelback was supported by The Old Camels, the alumni of Camelback’s team, and some players from the Storm Rugby Club, as the old boys took the field to show the A side what old school rugby is about. The game ended with a hard-fought score of the Las Vegas Wolfhounds 62- 19 Camelback B.

All four teams then celebrated the day at JT’s Pub as the friendly staff helped the clubs celebrate their competitive but friendly rivalry. Special thank you to all the players and fans that came out to celebrate the day, it was truly a special day for the Camelback team. This week the Camelback A side will play the Las Vegas B side at Lehi Sports Complex in Mesa Arizona.


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