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We visited the Bobcats girls team (U18 )

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Arizona is buzzing with all kinds of rugby this summer . Touch Rugby, 7s Rugby Youth traveling teams Rugby ... you name it .

This week we were invited to hang out and train with the Arizona bobcats. A traveling summer club that caters to both girls and boys of all ages .

The club is dedicated to bring existing youth rugby players skills to a higher level .

The 1st team we visited was the Bobcats girls who are getting ready to travel all the way to New Jersey for a showcase tournament .

The team is coached by Ted Brandt and Tim Pappas who are both retired rugby players ( old boys ) . And volunteer to coach for the love of the game

Girls rugby in Arizona has been growing steadily and the state now has about 100 active U18 girl players . And expecting to add many more in the near future . There are currently Three high school clubs and four U16 Clubs ( players under the age of 16 ) .

It was a very well ran practice and the coaches made sure to cover the most important aspects of the rugby .

The girls ran through a few warm up ,Rugby drills , tackling and contact drills and closed out the training session with a team run .

It was a great Two hours of Rugby. (By the way those girls can HIT ) . We met some tough girls and made some new best friends.

We got to snap a few photos and of course we will share them with you .

As always the photos are free to download for personal use .

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