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What is new for Play Rugby Az in 2023

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

Play Rugby Az is dedicated to growing the Arizona Rugby Comunity while engaging its current members in a positive way .

We would like to thank our community for the tremendous unconditional support you showed us over the past few years .

Thank you all who LIKE  , SHARE  and COMENT on our content .Thank you all who visit our website and read the articles our friends are writing for you. Thank you all who donate to our cause,and thank you all who volunteer to help us continue our mission.  Every time you interact with Play Rugby Az, you help us bring the much needed exposure to our players , referees,and local clubs .

Here are some cool goals we were able to achieve in 2022 .

-bring local club Rugby coverage

-engage with local college Rugby programs

-create a platform for our community members to volunteer and introduce Rugby to youth through public programs

-keep the community engaged over the summer through our touch Rugby programs .

-Create a summer Rugby programs dedicated to improving individual skills for players of all ages ( conducted by local volunteer coaches and rugby experts)

- connected with local referees to start giving them the exposure they deserve  and discussed ways to improve quality of play and player knowledge of the rugby laws

- connected with various local rugby clubs and assisted them with

*organizing *recruiting *advertising *finding sponsors

*obtaining high-quality rugby gear at very low prices

And fundraising

- launched website, which gives local  rugby players access to more useful rugby related  information as well as cool articles written by local  correspondents .

In 2022, we also met with local city coverments and started an honest conversation about Rugby . The positive impact it has on our communities. The popularity of the sport in the state and steps to continue with the development of rugby in the future.   

2023 will be an even bigger year for us .

We will continue to build on what we started in 2022 :

This year we will

-bring you youth and women's rugby coverage.

-continue to grow our voluntring platform and create more volunteering opportunity for athleetes and rugby lovers to help us introduce Rugby to the younger generations through public programs .

Keep developing our summer Rugby programs and give local rugby lovers a platform to improve their skills with the help of volunteer coaches and rugby experts .

-continue to work with rugby clubs to improve player satisfaction

- develop a better donations system for our contributors .

-Open a merch store for rugby lovers

- improve our website

- continue to bring you the best local rugby coverege and highlite local talent.

Thank you all again for your support . We are excited to learn what lessons 2023 has in store for us and we are excited to keep building our community wand have the best time with our new best friends .


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