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Scottsdale Blues Triumph in Fiesta 7s Series Showdown

The Scottsdale Blues won the latest round of the Fiesta 7s Series in an exciting night of rugby. Four formidable teams clashed to see who would advance to the final tournament on September 16 to fight for the state championship:

  • Camelback

  • Warthogs

  • Blues

  • Dingoes

The Opening Clash

The night began with a competitive match between the Warthogs and Camelback. Camelback set the tone early with a 50-meter try, leading to a victory over Red Mountain in the first game of the night.

A Battle of Experience vs Youth

In the second game, Scottsdale Blues faced the Dingoes, a young team. The Dingoes found it difficult to break through the Blues' defense, who maintained possession and worked their way to a win. The Dingoes showed potential but were unable to secure a victory against the more experienced Blues.

Fast and Entertaining: Dingoes vs Warthogs

The third match featured the Dingoes against the Warthogs. It was a fast and entertaining game that provided a platform for the newest players to put on a show for the crowd, who enjoyed the match thoroughly.

The Final: Scottsdale vs Camelback

The final between Scottsdale Blues and Camelback was the highlight of the night. Both teams displayed skill and determination, with quick plays and strong attacks. The spectators, who came out in record numbers, cheered for both teams and enjoyed the high level of play on the field. In the end, the Scottsdale Blues earned the win and took home the championship title.

The Road Ahead

Both finalists qualified for the final tournament and will join Tempe Old Devils and Tucson Magpies on September 16 for a chance to compete for the State Championship.

Fiesta 7s Rugby Series FINAL TOURNAMENT Sept 16, 6pm-10 pm 855 W 8th Ave, Mesa 85210


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